20 October 2013

General Santos, Philippines 2013

  1. Rainbow outside the plane on our flight to General Santos City. 
  2. Monitor of real-time status. Shows how far you are from General Santos City and in how many minutes you will arrive there. 
  3. GENSAN display in front of East Asia Royale Hotel
  4. Breakfast at the hotel. I really enjoy breakfast buffets!
  5.  Sun covered by clouds. View from the pineapple plantation in Polomolok, South Cotabato.
  6. One of the baby pineapples in the plantation. 
  7. View of Mount Matutum from Polomolok.

06 April 2013

Cooking 101

A few weeks ago, I cooked Beef and Mushroom Penne.  I actually intended to make a post on how to cook one, but forgot to take pictures of the ingredients and the steps while cooking. I got carried away with the chopping, the sauteing, and the mixing.  The only picture I have is the final product already. 

The next step I should start learning is how to plate the food I cook so that they'll look appetizing and true to their taste, scrumptious. :-)

03 April 2013

Solitude and Loneliness

Is it just me or why does it seem that every time you desperately need someone to talk to, no one seems to be around? Like the universe is in connivance with every single thing so that you would feel very lonely at that moment. Why, universe, why?

I guess I'm just over thinking (Or over analyzing. What I hate about having a background in Systems Engineering, every minute detail is a root cause of a probable catastrophe. What a nerd.) or Paulo Coelho's new book ignited me to over think. Should probably hit the sack now and hope that I won't wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.

Food for thought, read from Manuscript Found in Accra just a few minutes after writing those sentences above:

"Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to speak to us and help us decide what to do with our life."

Very timely, indeed!

28 March 2013

From Thought Catalog

Part of my daily-internet-routine is to read inspirational articles from Thought Catalog or from Paulo Coelho's blog. But sometimes, it's difficult to find inspirational posts because most of the writers at Thought Catalog write about how miserable their lives are and how hipster they are. Come on,  all I want to read is good news, something that would make me feel better.

This afternoon, I stumbled upon two good articles and I couldn't help myself but forward the links to my friends, who happened to be online. It would be unfair to my blog if I didn't post them here. So here are the excerpts.

1. We are all looking for the same thing by Chelsea Fagan
There is something beautiful about learning to love through osmosis. We fall in love with people throughout our lives and, by extension, learn to love what they love. Everything that they are interested in, everything they touch, is suddenly rendered fascinating and alluring in a way it had never been before. We learn entire languages, memorize whole recipe books, join a fandom of a show we’d never previously heard of — we become enamored with the things they have chosen to love in life.
 We are looking for this, all of us. All the time. We want to find these things and for them to fill our lives with a fresh, new kind of joy. We want to feel that burst of life, that feeling of “everything is possible and there is so much I have not yet seen.” We want the love that we create in life to reach out in a thousand directions, to touch a million things we have not yet considered.  

2. The soulmate you deserve by Cody Gohl

He will tell all of his friends that you are breathtaking.
...He will say yes to anything you ask of him because he loves like you love: sometimes too eagerly, sometimes too early, but always deeply....For him, you will be the light at the end of the tunnel, the halo of glowing yellow that he has been waiting for. Never forget that you are someone worth steering for, someone worth the swift kick in the opposite direction worth all of the trials and checklists and almostrights because you are a mountaintop, the crush of violet on skin from a rainbow that seems so close to the earth that it must be real. He will think you a miracle, a revelation and will count himself as the lucky one. Do not question him or yourself — this is exactly the kind of love you deserve.

As I posted in my previous post, I believe that all those simple earthly events ascribe to a great cosmic significance- a happy ending.


Albay, Philippines (2013)

Listening to Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz while organizing my computer files makes it less stressful. Ha! The truth is, for the past few days now, my patience is being stretched by people and events, most of the time, by the MRT. Surprisingly, I've been insanely calm and composed. I am thankful for there are still people out there giving me words of encouragement or appreciation. Thank you.

Right now, I just want to go to the beach and watch the sunset. Not swim.